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Victor A. Carr Biography

Mr. Carr obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from St. John's University and served two (2) years of active duty in the U.S. Army prior to obtaining his Juris Doctor (law) degree from St. John's University School of Law.

Upon admission to the Bar in the State of New York and the Federal Courts, Southern and Eastern District, Victor started his legal career as an associate attorney with the law firm of Gervais & DeCicco, house counsel to the Travelers Insurance Company, handling personal injury accident cases and insurance matters from inception to trial on behalf of Traveler's insureds, eventually attaining the position of Senior Trial Attorney in Nassau County. During his 9 years with the firm, Mr. Carr conducted literally hundreds of depositions and jury selections, and tried numerous cases to verdict.

Mr. Carr then joined with a private practice law firm concentrating primarily in criminal defense where he established a plaintiff's personal injury practice handling all aspects of the personal injury accident cases from inception through resolution. During his 13 years with the firm, Peace, Agresta, Carr & Blum, Esqs., Mr. Carr personally conducted all depositions and trials in the personal injury accident cases, drafted all pleadings, motions, etc. and appeared for all court conferences, hearings and trials.

In 1999, Victor joined with Thomas J. Stock, Esq. to form the firm of Stock & Carr, a private practice law firm concentrating in plaintiff's personal injury accident litigation, commercial litigation, estate administration and litigation, medical and legal malpractice litigation and insurance litigation. During his 9 years with the firm, Mr. Carr administered a large caseload, created and maintained a firm web site, and set up calendaring and case management systems. He continued to conduct depositions and appeared in court on a daily basis in various counties on Long Island and in the City of New York.

While at Stock & Carr, Victor had the honor and privilege to brief an appeal in the Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals that found its way to the Supreme Court of the United States. His merits brief in the Supreme Court, along with the excellent oral argument of Mr. Stock, persuaded Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, along with Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Stevens, Scalia & Thomas, to rule against one of the preeminent constitutional scholars in this country, along with amicus the Solicitor General of the United States, to affirm (in a 5/4 decision) their favorable decision in the court below.

Mr. Carr has also acted as counsel to the profession for the handling of complex pleadings, motions and appeals, having briefed literally hundreds of appeals in the State and Federal Courts. He has acted as a Guardian Ad Litem in the Nassau and Brooklyn Surrogates' Court, and is currently a member of the Appellate Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association.

The firm of Victor A. Carr & Associates handles plaintiff's personal injury accident cases, defense litigation, commercial litigation, estates and real estate, while continuing to act as counsel to the profession for complex pleadings, motions and appeals.

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